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From the ASA Executive Director

Randy Isaac, Executive Director of the American Scientific Affiliation

Randy Isaac, Executive Director of the American Scientific Affiliation

Dear home educators,

As executive director of the American Scientific Affiliation, I am pleased to inaugurate this new website project focused on serving the homeschooling community. The purpose of the Homeschool Science Resources (HSR) project is to assist Christian parents in identifying, evaluating and choosing appropriate materials for teaching science subjects to their children. The website will provide reviews of available curricula, textbooks and other science education resources, as well as school lessons and essays on special topics relating to science and Christian faith.

As you are certainly aware, home-schooling is increasingly popular in the United States, especially among Evangelical Christians. Survey statistics from the Department of Education indicate that the number of homeschooled children topped 1.5 million in 2007, accounting for nearly 3% of the school population. Concerns about the school environment (safety, peer pressure, etc.) and the moral-religious values of public schools are the primary reasons that parents choose to teach their children at home.

Science, especially where it touches on issues like evolution and the age of the earth, figures prominently in most Christian parents’ concerns about curriculum content. Nearly all science textbooks and curricula written for homeschooling represent a very narrow range of views and perspectives about what science is and how it relates to Christian belief. Our goal for this website is to evaluate these options and assist parents who are curious and willing to engage with a broader and deeper dialogue in their home education.

The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) is especially qualified to provide these sorts of resources. We are a fellowship of men and women in science and disciplines that relate to science who share a common fidelity to the Word of God and a commitment to integrity in the practice of science. In matters of science and Christian faith, we offer Christian scholarship, education, fellowship and service to ASA members, churches, educational institutions, the scientific community, and society. We have a long history of exploring the interaction of science and Christian belief, and we produce and maintain a wealth of content on these subjects. With one foot firmly planted in Christian belief and the other in science, the ASA is uniquely positioned to provide meaningful and practical help in a nonthreatening and noncommercial manner.

We are grateful that one of our homeschooling members, Douglas Hayworth, volunteered last year to develop a plan for the website. The basic framework of the website is in place, and work will now begin on building actual content. We will be reaching out to curriculum publishers to obtain textbooks for review, and to involve our member scientists to produce relevant materials for the various categories of content.

We hope the site will be useful to you, and we welcome your participation and input as we continue to refine and prioritize aspects of the project. We pray that these resources will help you ensure that your children receive a quality education in science with a deep appreciation for the doctrine of creation. May they grow up to worship him, whether they choose a vocation in science or another avenue of service.

Randy Isaac

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  • This is a great idea. It has been suggested that 20% of the kids in Oregon have been home schooled during a portion of their K-12 journey. These parents/coops need all the science help they can get. George Fox University has a very healthy science outreach program to this population. Our program has two “semesters” of 8 week classes – fall and spring. We offer 6-8 courses each semester to ages from 3rd grade to high school seniors. The courses are taught by the chemistry, biology, & engineering majors at the University and the topics vary depending on the expertise of the student-instructors. We have from 200-300 students in this program. We (GFU) would love to refer our parents to this website for further resources and textbooks. It seems every Christian university should help serve this home school community! The GFU science outreach website would love to link with this one when it is up and running.

    Dwight Kimberly Biology, George Fox University