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BOSE update on new science education standards

Here is an update on the Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards Project from the Board on Science Education (BOSE) of the National Research Council (NRC). I am on the email list to be notified about the progress of this project. I’m looking forward to the publication of the new science standards framework, as it will provide a guide and benchmark for evaluating textbooks and resources that we review.

Dear Colleagues:

The revised Framework report is undergoing a confidential external review by a group of independent experts selected by the National Research Council. The report will be released once it has cleared this rigorous external review process. At this point, we anticipate releasing the Framework to the public in late spring 2011.  If there is any delay we will announce it on the project website.

Thank you for interest in the project.

Rebecca Krone
Program Associate
Board on Science Education
National Research Council
Keck WS1125
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC  20001
The National Academies
Advisers to the Nation on Science, Engineering and Medicine

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