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Lesson Plans

Ready-to-use science lessons for homeschool use, organized by subject and topic.

Each page is a single standalone lesson (or small group of lessons) on a specific topic. These ready-to-use lessons can be about any subject and can take nearly any form. The pages are tagged (categorized) by topic and grade-range, and they can be used to supplement any curriculum as parents see fit. The goal for this content is not to provide a complete, self-sufficient science curriculum. Rather, the focus of these lessons is on synthesis, Christian reflection, science as a vocation, and consideration of evidence to deepen understanding or correct common misrepresentations of specific science topics.

Ideas for categories or types of lesson plans for this section include:

  • Scientist Biographies: About historical or contemporary scientists, each post could tell the scientist’s story and provide discussion or reading comprehension questions.
  • Young Reader’s PSCF: Interesting articles from ASA’s journal Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (PSCF) that have been simplified for younger readers (specified grade level) with discussion and reading comprehension questions added.
  • Hollywood Science: Discussion and comprehension questions to accompany a popular movie or television show episode that touches on scientific, technology, medical ethics, or creation-theology topics.
  • Creation Theology 101: Lessons that summarize the history and current viewpoints about what constitutes a biblical Christian worldview of creation.

Links to Lesson Plans will be listed below when we have completed and posted them. As the list becomes larger, we will provide more sophisticated tools to search for particular items and categories of content. If there are particular topics that you would like us to provide lessons for, please tell us about it by using the Contact Us form.

Sorry, no Lesson Plans are ready yet.

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