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Developing a subject-topic index

School science subjects and topics

To help our website visitors easily find and compare different curricula and resources, it is important that we classify every item that we review or describe by subject and topic. We need to develop a comprehensive list of subjects and topics and then use it consistently for classification of our textbook and resource reviews.

I […]

Established science as a standard

250mL volumetric flask

In my previous message about embracing our mission, I proposed some guidelines for staying true to the primary mission of providing practical help to Christian homeschool science teachers. I acknowledged that the only sure way to win people’s trust about our attitude and approach is to produce some actual content that they can peruse (reviews, […]

The website navigation structure

Website Guide menu

From Doug Hayworth to ASA volunteers and others interested in the implementation of this HSR website.

The purpose of this post is to provide you the opportunity to comment and ask me about the website’s main navigation structure. Does the categorization of content in main menu bar make sense to you? Is this list of […]

Embracing our mission and purpose

About drop-down menu

From the project leader, Douglas Hayworth, to home school parents and bloggers, curriculum publishers, Christian watchdogs, ASA volunteers and anyone else taking an early interest in the development of this website. Thank you for your participation.

I believe that this website can be a tremendous help to thousands of home educators, but this will be […]