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A Longer Topic Index Draft

In the last post, Drafting a subject-topic index, I presented a heavily pruned draft of a subject-topic index. In this post I provide a longer, unpruned version. I believe our goal is to arrive at a list that is somewhere in between these two extremes.

This index came from several sources. First topics were found […]

Drafting a subject-topic index

Hi everyone, this is Patrick.

Back in January, Doug asked, “Is there a volunteer who will take the lead in developing a useful school subject and topic list?”  I volunteered and have been struggling to collect my thoughts and put words and order to them.  Before I could regret my decision, Doug sent a file […]

Developing a subject-topic index

School science subjects and topics

To help our website visitors easily find and compare different curricula and resources, it is important that we classify every item that we review or describe by subject and topic. We need to develop a comprehensive list of subjects and topics and then use it consistently for classification of our textbook and resource reviews.

I […]